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New Bicycle Times

“So here we have a piece for New Bicycle Times that should be on magazine shelves in a bookstore near you.  This piece was art directed by the gracious Amanda Zimmerman with Dirt Rag Magazine.  The feature involves a band that travels venue to venue on their trusty bikes.  Amanda was willing to open up the concept so that direct likeness and instruments wouldn’t be necessary, just the overall image.  I think this more ambiguous approach let us create something a bit more iconic and immediately accessible.  It was also an opportunity to paint yet another Electra bike, which I never tire of.  They’re such sweet looking bikes, built with extreme craftsmanship.
I hope you enjoy the new piece.  I have several others to release soon, just waiting for them to go to print before posting.”

Freedom Machine

Guy Shield is a practicing designer and illustrator in temperamental Melbourne, Australia. Self taught on a diet of pen and ink, Guy explores both comical and serious subjects through his work, taking a cinematic approach to composition and storytelling through single-panel frames. With a background in design, Guy’s passion for print and publication has seen him working in publishing for the last 7 years, for a variety of magazines and clients. When he’s not drawing, Guy enjoys writing, photography, riding his bike, composing lame puns and waking up way too early. Read more about Guy Shield here.