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transporta tudinhooo

“For a while now, san francisco-based fuseproject (yves behar) has been working towards developing the ‘perfect mode of transportation’
in which to aid in everyday tasks within ones local neighbourhood.

Participating in the oregon manifest constructor’s design bike challenge over the last few months, fuseproject’s ‘local’ bike design emerged.
considered to be the ideal neighborhood bike, the ‘local’ is a version of a practical pick-up truck in the form of a bicycle:
transportation which you can live with – its utility and function isn’t limited to carrying a laptop or a six pack. the sturdy, flexible front platform
of the bike carries groceries, surfboards, lumber and kids, resulting in an ideal vehicle for a self-powered life.

To realize the ‘cargo bike design, fuseproject looked to dealing with load placement, steering options, ways to secure all kinds of cargo
and relieving the hassles usually associated with taking a bike out for the day. elements which have been integrated into the bike include locking,
lighting, bags and music via fuseproject’s wireless jambox speaker. for a safe, easy and clean grease-free experience, an shimano ‘alfine’ internal hub
with 11 gears with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes is used. “

via designboom